FAQ for Hauler

Which companies are allowed to register as hauler on MilkScout?

All forwarding companies specializing in the transportation of liquid food products.

How are transport orders arranged?

Dairies can post transport orders. Haulers can submit offers free of charge within 2 hours. The transport offer includes all relevant information (pickup location, destination, raw material, quantity, cleaning information, etc.). After 2 hours, a notification is sent by e-mail whether the offer has been acquired or not. Only then will an exchange of contact information take place.

What does MilkScout cost for freight forwarders?

Registration and use is free of charge. Bidding on transport orders is not associated with any costs. Only when an order is successfully acquired will a small brokerage fee be charged.

Payment options

At the end of the month, MilkScout will send you an invoice for the orders placed by MilkScout. At the moment we only accept payments by bank transfer. If you prefer another payment method please contact us.

Who is the client for the transport?

MilkScout acts only as an agent. Invoicing is done to the dairy.